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Our talented team

We specialise in the physiotherapy treatment of musculo-skeletal pain.

We believe that people should have access to great healthcare.

Our goal is to optimise your function whatever that may mean for you - it might be completing that triathlon you’ve been training for or being able to play with your grandchildren.

Our Clinic, near Angel in Central London, aims to provide a high level of professional, effective and efficient private health care with an excellent level of customer service.

What makes us different?

  1. The consistently high quality of our staff chosen for :
    • Their passion for their profession and career
    • Their commitment to ongoing professional development allowing them to offer the most up-to-date thinking, research and treatment to their patients.
  2. Our attention to detail
    • Our efforts are patient-centred at all times from the initial consultation and discussions of patient expectations to formulation of goals and review outcome measures.
    • We liaise with GPs and Consultant or other Referrers to thank them for referring a patient and to advise them of our assessment findings and plans for treatment.
    • We send progress letters to Referrers where appropriate to update them on our patient’s progress.
    • If a patient isn’t responding to the treatment the way we think they should or within the time-frame that we have envisioned, we liaise with our colleagues to see if we can try an alternative approach; get a fresh viewpoint possibly with a different physio. Alternatively, we refer the patient back to their GP or Referrer with our opinion on investigations or further management recommended as appropriate. If the patient is privately insured or self-funding we can also advise on a specific Specialist via our extensive list of Consultants.
  3. We constantly monitor and review our procedures and policies to keep up-to-date both clinically and also in terms of our service delivery. This involves Clinical and Service Audit where we audit our records and service delivery.
  4. We aim to be a friendly clinic with a positive environment that is a rewarding and fun place to both work and have treatment.

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