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Work Station Assessments

Workstation assessments are an important aspect of most companies' Health & Safety policy.

With the Post-Covid move to Hybrid working, many more companies need advice on specific home-working situations or in-office hot-desking issues for Workers with specific needs or problems.

Physio Solutions have considerable experience and expertise in carrying out both individual and group workstation assessments to comply with the EEC regulations (Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations 1992, as amended by the Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002).

The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations came into force in 1993 to implement European Directive No. 90/270/EEC of 29 May 1990, on minimum safety and health requirements for work with DSE.

Physio Solutions can provide either Group or Single On-Site Assessments in the Central London area or On-Line appointments for home workers or for companies situated outside London.


We specialise in providing workstation assessments and advice for individuals and for companies with employees who are suffering with particular work-related conditions (such as RSI, back pain, joint pain) or returning to work following time off for work-related conditions or spinal surgery.

This service can be tailored to your requirements ranging from:

Physio Solutions have completed workstation assessments for many local and central London businesses, charities and groups.

For further information on this service or if you would like to receive a quote please contact Helen Skehan on 020 7713 7780 or email

Work Station Assessments Case Studies (see all Case Studies)

Potential clients and patients often ask us about the types of conditions that we treat and can help with. We have therefore put together some case studies from our files that outline some of the cases that we have been able to help with and offer a flavour of what we do in our clinic.

43 year old with neck/back pain after long periods in front of computer

Symptoms & Assessment

A 43-year-old man presented with longstanding neck and upper back pain which he felt was related to long hours spent sitting at a computer for his work.

Assessment showed weakness of his neck and upper back muscles.


He enrolled on a 6-week Clinical Pilates course carried out on a one-to-one basis here at the clinic.

The main focus was to strengthen the body’s natural corset muscles to help support the neck and back during prolonged hours sitting at a desk.


The results were fantastic and he now has very little pain and an ongoing home-maintenance exercise plan.

26 year old office worker with migraines, neck and shoulder pain

Symptoms & Assessment

  • Persistent headaches in particular after long hours of working at the computer
  • Neck and shoulder pain particularly bothersome when sitting at the desk over a long period of time


She was treated with a combination of soft and deep tissue massage and mobilisations to her shoulders in side-lying position.  She was also advised to take regular breaks when working on the computer and engage in regular yoga practice to monitor stress levels


This client is finding a regular massage session helpful and feels better after every session. She is now able to manage her work related stresses and experiences fewer spells of migraines than before. 

Publishing company - single employee

Symtoms & Assessment

We were contacted to provide a physiotherapy and workstation assessment for a senior employee with severe shoulder pain.

The company wanted to ensure that the workplace was not contributing to or exacerbating the employee's symptoms.

The physiotherapy assessment was able to correct a previous diagnosis of 'shoulder tendonitis' to a 'frozen shoulder' which can be very painful in the early stages.

Treatment & Outcome

The workstation assessment was able to identify particular problem areas and recommend adaptations that would reduce stress on the affected shoulder and allow the employee to carry out their work without pain.

Architect firm assessment (approx 70 employees)

Symptoms & Assessment

Physio Solutions was contacted by a firm of  architects that was concerned that quite a number of their employees were experiencing work-related musculo-skeletal symptoms such as hand and arm pain.

The architects regularly moved desks to work in different teams for different projects.


This project was completed over a number of full and half-days on-site to accommodate holidays and work deadlines.

Employees were given individual advice depending on any symptoms they reported.

A major feature was education of individuals as to optimal sitting postures and workstation arrangement so that they could alter any new workstation to their individual requirements.


This project has continued with follow-ups every 12-18 months over a 5 year period and our input has influenced equipment provision such as a range of chairs to suit different sizes and requirements, height-adjustable desks and on-site exercise classes.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help my knees are so much better now."


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