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Qualifications and Experience

Bohdana practices structural Osteopathy and is a graduate of The London School of Osteopathy.

She originally qualified as a massage therapist in Ukraine and has wide experience as a sports massage therapist. In 2021 Bohdana was also certified as a Procedos P9 Personal Trainer.

Her goal is to help individuals to recover from injury and illness, using a holistic osteopathic approach based on highly skilled techniques.

Her patients include a wide range of individuals such as sportsmen and women, office workers and people in physically demanding jobs or facing occupational, emotional and postural stress due to their lifestyles.

Bohdana is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Russian and is accustomed to working with patients of different nationalities and cultures, appreciating the uniqueness of each person.

Clinic Days

Bohdana is available on Monday evening 4.15pm to 8.00pm and Tuesday morning 8.00am to 1.00pm

Further information on Osteopathy and some Case Studies

"The exercises you worked out for me were wonderful. They had an immediate effect so that by the end of the following week I actually had a pain-free day. Seeing you was really the turning point and I am extremely grateful."


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