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Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

Surgery is generally the final step in any problem and is only undertaken when more conservative measures such as physiotherapy have failed to produce the desired or optimal result.

In most cases, Orthopaedic Surgeons ensure that their clients have received a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment and course of treatment before other interventions or surgery are contemplated.

Post-operative Physiotherapy treatment

A major part of the successful outcome following surgical procedures is good physiotherapy treatment concentrating on:

Orthopaedic procedures

We are happy to see clients before or after planned orthopaedic procedures such as:

It is often helpful to see us before your surgery to ensure that you are familiar with what exercises you will be doing immediately post-surgery. We can also assess what your movement and requirements are that can help with goal-setting for your post-surgery rehabilitation.

Many operative procedures benefit from having you at your very best or strongest prior to the surgery as much as possible and can help enormously with your post-operative rehabilitation.

If you have any queries regarding your specific planned procedure and whether we can help you please call to speak to one of our team.

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Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation Case Studies (see all Case Studies)

Potential clients and patients often ask us about the types of conditions that we treat and can help with. We have therefore put together some case studies from our files that outline some of the cases that we have been able to help with and offer a flavour of what we do in our clinic.

71 year old retired solicitor referred following hip replacement

Symptoms & Assessment

Referred by their orthopaedic consultant 4 weeks following a total hip replacement.

  • Physiotherapy was recommended to strengthen his hip abductor muscles and to help correct his gait after a prolonged period of limping.
  • Some issues also with ankle swelling and difficulty putting on socks. 
  • Goal:  to get back to walking without a limp and without a stick and be back to full normal activities.


Consisted of a progressive exercise programme to strengthen his hip muscles, some soft tissue work over the operation scar to improve scar mobility.

Some gentle joint mobilisations to help achieve sufficient hip flexion to put on socks comfortably.

Advice given on management of the ankle swelling.


Attended for 4 sessions in total, back to full normal function with reduced swelling left ankle and able to complete a two hour walk with no ill-effects.

33 year old, right handed cyclist seen following shoulder surgery

Symptoms & Assessment

  • cycling injury causing collar bone joint disruption, surgically repaired.
  • advice given by surgeon to mobilise below shoulder level and avoid lifting and loading for 6 weeks.
  • seen at 7 weeks for rehabilitation and to 'top up' his NHS physiotherapy.
  • treatment aims were to restore full mobility and get him back to full function
  • on examination, main movement restriction was overhead and crossing the arm across the body with a tendency to overuse the chest muscles.


Mainly exercise programme to regain full movement and early strengthening within the limits of pain.

Lots of work on improving the shoulder girdle strength and stability to counteract the dominant chest muscles.


Attended for 5 sessions in total until back to full function and normal exercise.

"I wanted to thank you for all your help and support when I was suffering with my frozen shoulder. I have been swimming backstroke fully and enjoying a pain-free shoulder. I am absolutely sure that without your intervention I would not be at this stage. You were also supportive and understanding which helped me enormously."


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