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Massage Therapy

Massage can be used very effectively either on its own or in conjunction with a course of physiotherapy.

Recent scientific evidence has shown that massage therapy following exercise can reduce inflammation and promote cell healing.

This can suit

Our qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

Our Massage Therapist, Jaro Wojciechowski is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, combining a mixture of general massage, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques together with remedial therapy to suit clients' needs. Jaro is also a Certified Rolfing Therapist and integrates this deep connective tissue therapy into his treatments.

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Massage Therapy Appointments

Friday: 1.30pm to 5.00pm

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Please contact the clinic on 020 7713 7780 to book an appointment or if you have any further queries on whether this treatment is suitable for you.

Massage Therapy Case Studies (see all Case Studies)

Potential clients and patients often ask us about the types of conditions that we treat and can help with. We have therefore put together some case studies from our files that outline some of the cases that we have been able to help with and offer a flavour of what we do in our clinic.

26 year old office worker with migraines, neck and shoulder pain

Symptoms & Assessment

  • Persistent headaches in particular after long hours of working at the computer
  • Neck and shoulder pain particularly bothersome when sitting at the desk over a long period of time


She was treated with a combination of soft and deep tissue massage and mobilisations to her shoulders in side-lying position.  She was also advised to take regular breaks when working on the computer and engage in regular yoga practice to monitor stress levels


This client is finding a regular massage session helpful and feels better after every session. She is now able to manage her work related stresses and experiences fewer spells of migraines than before. 

38 year old IT worker with calf and lower back pain

Symptoms & Assessment

  • Physically active, practices different sports regularly, daily work out regime, takes part in marathons and cycles long distances
  • Experiences muscular pain and tension in particular after intense bursts of physical activity


He was treated with deep tissue massage, mobilisations to his lower back and pressure points to gluteal muscles. He was also advised to buy a foam roller to aid release of tension in in his gastrocnemius (calf) muscles.


After two sessions he was much better and able to undertake his regular work-out regime without symptoms.

"I just want to say thank you for looking after me. I hope - in the nicest possible way of course - that I won't be seeing you again too soon!"


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