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Osteoporosis Conference

According to figures from The National Osteoporosis Society, 3 million people in the UK have osteoporosis and there are approximately 300,000 fractures each year. They reckon the cost of hospital and social care for osteoporosis-related hip fractures alone to amount to £6million per day. The Osteoporosis Society is running a Stop At One Campaign encouraging people to take a pro-active approach to bone health with more information on-line and giving people the confidence to ask for bone checks.

Physiotherapists have an important role to play in preventing Osteoporosis related-breaks by promoting exercise especially weight-bearing exercise. They are also often in the position to help identify potential sufferers for example a patient presenting with a first fracture. When people are aware that they have the condition more can be done to reduce unnecessary fractures.

Practice Principal Helen Skehan has signed up to attend a one-day multidisciplinary Conference next week  - Osteoporosis 2014 which presents the latest research and issues involved in tackling this condition and addresses best practice in improving and developing services. She will report back in a later post.


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