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Massage Therapy News

Due to popular demand, our Massage Service has been extended to weekends with appointment availability now also on Saturday afternoons. Chifumi is  in the clinic on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturdays. Many of our clients have expressed surprise at how useful they have found Massage therapy in helping them manage their symptoms from various conditions such as back pain, neck ache, frozen shoulders and tendonitis previously thinking of it more as a relaxation treat than a treatment session in itself.

Massage Therapy Appointment Times

Tuesday: 5.15pm to 8.30pm

Wednesday: 4.00pm to 8.15pm

Thursday: 4.00pm to 8.15pm

Saturday: 2.30pm to 5.30pm

30, 60 and 90 minute appointments are available. A standard appointment is usually for 60 minutes. Shorter appointments can occasionally be appropriate as a trial or for a specific localised treatment and some clients prefer longer appointments.

Please note: The minimum time for a pregnancy massage is 1 hour for the initial consultation appointment.

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