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How to book an appointment

The best way is to telephone us on 020 77137780 and we can go through the available appointments with you and book you in for a time that suits you. You can also call in to our clinic at Angel and our Reception Team can book an appointment for you in person. You can also email us at

If you need further information

If you need further information or would like to speak to a physiotherapist before booking an appointment please feel free to:

What to expect on your first appointment

When you arrive we will ask you to fill in a registration form with your details, those of your referring doctor if you have one and your insurance details if you are using Private Health Insurance.

The initial consultation and treatment will consist of a discussion where you can tell us your main problems and symptoms. Other medical history, any medication you are on and tests and treatments to date will be discussed.

Depending on what part of you is affected the examination looks at the particular body part and often surrounding areas. The spine is often checked even if the pain does not appear to be affecting that area. If you are a runner or the problem is in the lower limb, you may be asked to run or walk to allow us to see how you move.

The therapist will discuss with you what you might need in terms of further appointments if appropriate or when would be a good time for a follow-up call to see how you are getting on.

At the end of your treatment you will be asked to pay for your treatment if you are self-funding and a further appointment or group of appointments will be made for you if appropriate.

Paying for your treatment yourself

If you’re referring yourself or have been referred by your GP or Consultant and are privately funding your own treatment, it couldn’t be simpler. Just give us a call with your diary to hand and we can book you in for a time to suit you.

There is generally no waiting list and you can usually see a physiotherapist within 24 hours. If you wish to see a specific physiotherapist there might be a slight delay depending on the days they are in the clinic.

When you book we take some preliminary details from you including an email address so that we can send you out a reminder of your appointment time.

When you arrive you will be asked to fill in a registration form with your details and the details of your referring doctor if applicable. Payment is due at the end of each treatment session and you can pay by debit card, credit card, cash or cheque.

Fees for Physiotherapy

Session Type Fees Duration
Initial session £75 Initial Physiotherapy Consultation Session
(approx. 45 minutes duration)
Standard or Follow up session £50 Physiotherapy Consultation Sessions
(approx. 30 minutes duration)

Please ask about our Treatment Packages

Using Private Health Insurance (PHI)

If you are using PHI to cover your treatment costs, you must contact your insurance company before your initial appointment with us. All insurance companies vary a little bit in their requirements but generally:

We are covered by the majority of the UK-based private health insurers such as AXA PPP, BUPA, Cigna and Aviva and in such cases we will be able to bill them directly for your treatment fees subject to your policy terms with them. Any fees not covered by them will be due directly from you as our client.

For further information on PMI please see Private Medical Insurance Referrals or our FAQ section.

Please feel free to ring 020 7713 7780 to speak to our admin team or physiotherapists if you have further queries as to whether our services are appropriate for you and/or any other queries.

"I wanted to thank you for all your help and support when I was suffering with my frozen shoulder. I have been swimming backstroke fully and enjoying a pain-free shoulder. I am absolutely sure that without your intervention I would not be at this stage. You were also supportive and understanding which helped me enormously."


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