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The Importance of Exercise for Treatment of Osteoarthritis

People with Osteoarthritis (OA) should be exercising to help reduce pain and improve mobility according to the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence NICE. The advice is part of recent updated clinical guidelines titled ‘Osteoarthritis: Care and Management in Adults (CG177). These provide evidence-based recommendations on the most effective ways of diagnosing and managing OA in England and Wales.

The recommendations include providing people with information including countering misconceptions, such as that Osteoarthritis inevitably progresses and cannot be treated. It recommends advising patients to participate in exercise as ‘core treatment’ including local muscle strengthening and aerobic fitness. Providing manual therapy and stretching as an adjunct to core therapy is recommended especially for OA of the hip.

This information ties in with our advice to many of the people that we see aimed to combat signs and symptoms of Osteoarthritis and to think of it as ‘wear and repair‘ rather than ‘wear and tear‘. Having a holistic assessment and management plan are key issues in managing this condition.


"I wanted to thank you for all your help and support when I was suffering with my frozen shoulder. I have been swimming backstroke fully and enjoying a pain-free shoulder. I am absolutely sure that without your intervention I would not be at this stage. You were also supportive and understanding which helped me enormously."


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