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This is a simple DIY improvement to the general position of a laptop if you're not using a separate screen or keyboard or an adjustable laptop stand.

Prop the back of your laptop onto a good-sized book to improve the screen angle.

The problem with laptops is that the keyboard and the screen are connected so if the keyboard is at the right height for you, the screen is going to be too low increasing the strain on your neck or vice versa increasing the tension in your shoulders.

There are a number of products and recommendations that can improve or sort out this issue for long-term laptop use such as:

Using a separate usb connected keyboard or screen to allow both elements to be better placed.

Adjustable laptop stands also improve the angle - these can be lightweight and can fold flat to improve portability.

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"I wanted to thank you for all your help and support when I was suffering with my frozen shoulder. I have been swimming backstroke fully and enjoying a pain-free shoulder. I am absolutely sure that without your intervention I would not be at this stage. You were also supportive and understanding which helped me enormously."


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