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Qualifications and Experience

Paulina Kloskowska is a highly qualified, energetic and skilled physiotherapist with a special interest in sports injuries. Her strong academic background in medical research allows her to provide the highest quality, evidence-based physiotherapy treatment.

Paulina has been working as a physiotherapist since she obtained her BSc degree in 2009, self-employed or as a member of a physio team in public and private clinics. Having a deep passion for sports, she developed an interest in sport and exercise medicine helping amateur and professional athletes to return to sports. Her clinical interests include lower limb injuries (hip, groin, knee and ankle), as well as chronic shoulder pain and dysfunction.

Paulina completed her BSc and MSc degrees in Poland, her research projects were focused on the rehabilitation of knee injuries and one of them was published in 2013. Paulina has recently completed her PhD at Queen Mary University of London in Sports and Exercise Medicine. Her research involved investigating the biomechanics of hip and groin pain in athletes.

Since coming to London Paulina has had a unique opportunity to work with a high number of professional and amateur football, rugby and hockey players; she was also a volunteer in London 2012 Olympic Games. For more information on Paulina's research please click here.

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